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摘要:China water shortage, serious water pollution, water pollution incidents frequently, secondary water pollution situation frequent, safe drinking water has become essential. At the same time as peoples living standards, the requirements for

   China water shortage, serious water pollution, water pollution incidents frequently, secondary water pollution situation frequent, safe drinking water has become essential. At the same time as peoples living standards, the requirements for drinking water quality is getting higher and higher, Chinese water appliance is crossing from the "drink" era to the "net" era, water purifier market ushered in the opportunity of rapid development. For the upstream business, booster pumps, pressure storage tank and other parts usher in a new stage of development. In particular pressure storage tank industry, in the development of the market and gradually form a "one superpower and many" brand pattern.

   steadily, the positioning pressure storage tank not shake

   of pure water (RO water purifier RO) is more suitable for the Chinese market, the pressure storage tank is the key to such a water purifier one component, the critical period of industrial upgrading water purifiers play a crucial role. "Electrical" reporter has learned that water is in operation, water flow through the RO reverse osmosis membrane, which filters out fine, harmful impurities, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and radioactive substances and organic compounds. From the water purifier principle point of view, only by the pure water to the RO membrane, the impurities will be excluded, and then discharged with the waste water. Generally, the ratio of water and waste water produced is 1: 3. Since the water too pure water, water can not meet the requirements of the user at any time, so the pressure of water storage tank become standard machine. In fact, pure water during use, even when the user is not water, the water present in the working machine, the obtained pure water stored in the pressure storage bins, when a user needs water, from the pressure storage tank output outward.


   2017, water purifier market has undergone enormous changes, to further enhance the brand concentration, more and more high-end non barrel. Cloud-brand rice and other Internet-based businesses, large flux without pushing barrels water machine, desktop water purifier, although the changes in the market caused some impact on the industry pressure storage tank, but nothing serious. Jiangguang Yue, general manager of Zhejiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Hong Hui Ling told the "electrical" reporter: "At present, no bucket water machine high-end products, the price is relatively high, the majority of users, or niche products without bucket water machine you want. gaining in popularity, there are several problems to be solved. On the one hand, no barrel less traffic, limited water purification and water flow rate, the current system is to drink model can not meet the immediate consumption needs of the user. anotherIn addition, in order to increase the free flow of goods barrel, filter life will be shortened. "Hung Hui Ling added:" No bucket water machine without a bucket reason is because of the timely supply of pure water, the timely supply of more than 400G RO membrane also need to use, large flux membranes require high-power pumps to match, and application of high-power pumps in water purification of water when a big noise. In short, although no bucket water machine has many advantages, but the market is still a niche product, limited impact on the pressure storage tank business. "

   positive transition of water purification equipment Hangzhou Managing Sunfu Rong hold the same view, he believes that" the system is now drink "inevitably increases the number of starts of pure water, to frequent start high-voltage switch, solenoid valves, booster pumps, RO film parts of life caused serious damage. in addition, starting too frequently cause more serious water hammer phenomenon to water purification pipeline, potentially increasing the chance of leaking joints and pipes. for most water purifier manufacturers, water softeners equipped with pressure storage tank is still cost more reasonable choice, with the water purifier market sales increase, pressure storage tank sales to grow steadily through interviews with the upstream business, "electrical "reporters learned that the pressure storage tank development so far, from the initial metal body to the current plastic body, mainstream product is white plastic buckets 3.2G of storage, because the product high maturity, and the obvious price advantage, supply channels wide, it has been the first choice of many water purifier manufacturers.

   one superpower and many, market structure stability

   and brand water purifier market ups and downs, changing the number of different pressure storage tank brand competition is quite stable, and has been formed to Zhe Jiang Guangyue as a "leader", is jump, Yizheng, open the can, followed by Lu Yue, "one superpower and many" situation.

   light pressure jump storage tank in the water purifier market share of over 60% is pressure storage tank area of 鈥嬧€媡he largest and best corporate reputation to win the majority market share, Hung Hui Ling appeared very confident in the "electrical" reporters, he said: "light Yue very fancy product quality, and passed the certification of the water industry. Wherein the optical storage tank pressure jump selected raw materials all certified by the American NSF. For welding and inspection system, light jump cites US imports of welding equipment and six inspection system to protect the storage tank pressure will not be contaminated with bacteria. At the same time, light jump of major products for major brands available, including Haier, Midea, Gree, Patio and other enterprisesindustry. Yue light pressure storage tank also exported to overseas markets, has withstood the test of more market. Hung Hui Ling told the "electrical" reporters, the overall 2017 Nianguang jump pressure storage tank market sales of 900 million units, an increase of 3%, the development is relatively stable, there is no doubt the industry leader.

   compared to the size of the light jump, more pressure storage tank water purifier manufacturers still remain in million yuan level. According CILLY Mizuno, general manager of China operations headquarters Pangya Hui Li introduced, belong to sub-category pressure storage tank in the water purifier parts, so the small-scale manufacturers, a relatively small number, considered a good scale manufacturers in million yuan level of a. According to his estimates, in the domestic market, the small number of pressure storage tank manufacturer, about 10. "Electrical" reporters learned that the pressure storage tank main production bases are concentrated in Zhejiang, China and Taiwan.


   Although the pressure storage tank market competition is relatively stable, but there was explosive growth in enterprise sales. Hangzhou is Yue water purification equipment Co., Ltd., general manager of Sun Furong told the "electrical" reporter, is jump in 2016 pressure storage tank water purifier sales growth of over 70%. Sun Furong explained: "is jump a bit special, because two years to enter the industry, however, is in a period of rapid growth." Enter 2017, sales jump positive pressure storage tank is stabilized.

   to upgrade their skills to meet the needs of the whole

   As the water purifier brand continue to strengthen the core parts of the degree of importance of quality, how in explosion-proof, sterilization of health, safety seal to improve water rate and so enhance the internal strength to become a pressure storage tank production enterprises to enhance market competitiveness a top priority. For pressure storage tank manufacturers, faced with several issues need to be resolved at this stage, many companies are actively trying to seek technological breakthroughs in terms of raw materials selection and production processes, so as to steel drums, barrels of explosion-proof, water-driven storage tank and other innovations to meet the needs of the whole enterprise.

   "electrical" reporter Baidu retrieve information about pressure storage tank and found that the occurrence of pressure storage tank "blast bucket" event is not unusual. Pei Yi Guangdong Electric Technology Co., Ltd., a sales staff, said pressure storage tank household water purifiers in use, aging or due to material non-compliance results in water purifier high voltage switch failure, then the machine in case of pressure storage tank full of water under the water system continues to work, eventually leading to the pressure reservoirBarrel balloon rupture. In addition, the water supply water pressure fluctuated, also have an impact on water purification equipment. "Pressure storage tank tub burst" phenomenon is less and less on the market, more and more built-in pressure storage tank household water purifiers are fitted automatically start the pressure relief valve.

   "burst barrel" reduce the phenomenon, water rate, health situation is increasingly attracting attention. According to Sun Furong introduction, there are a variety of positive transition pressure storage tank water purifier to solve the safety and health problems. the new generation is jump by the galvanized steel drum made with superior compression capability, it will never happen burst tub danger. generation storage tank pressure spray process plus galvanized steel, has a strong anti-rust capability, the liner made of medical polymer materials , no smell, sterilization by gamma rays, ensure that the pressure storage tank sterile, to prevent secondary pollution of water purifier, the liner can be replaced, to solve the long-term use pressure storage tank to cause secondary pollution ills. in addition, the positive jump increasing the pressure in the outer tank patented PE liner bag, even if the water storage chamber to ensure breakage, the purified water are food grade PE film between two layers, the water after the purification is not brought into contact and pressure storage tank. [ 123]

   the whole brand of pressure storage tank and how the requirements? Hung Hui Ling said that the whole brand hopes to pressure storage tank for price, quality, safety, sterilization is the focus of these years, the development trend of the pressure storage tank small, water-driven. he further explained that the water-driven alternative to gas-driven advantages are obvious, safe and reliable, but also can increase water rates. he said that after the past 3G water purification, the water is 6L, use water-driven technology water purifier water production can be increased to 10L, the water rate of 95%.

   continue to explore and improve brand competitiveness

   Shanghai environmental Protection equipment Co., Ltd. R & D center chief engineer told Chen Gong " electrical "reporter, open to environmental protection is currently being developed composite pressure storage tank, glass steel drums as the external pressure parts, with strong pressure, anti-burst, seamless molding, health, etc. for example, he said:." composite material pressure storage tank bladders made replaceable assembly, once a fault, the user simply replace bladders components can resume normal use of the storage tank pressure. Composite pressure storage tank can be configured a full range of water / water, gas / water two ways, machine manufacturers to develop new products to provide a broader range of ideas. "More importantly, a variety of built-in filter water purification products, open to environmental protection can rootIt requires changes in water quality, provide different solutions for the full range of the whole plant. It is reported that the new open to the pressure storage tank compared to the conventional storage tank, more environmentally friendly, can replace bladders components, to extend the service life of the pressure storage tank. "New products from the point of view of consumers, it is a very good value for money hedge durable goods, for supporting businesses, this new product has yet to be awareness and understanding of each machine business, there are already some international customers to use this product. "Chen Gong said.

   Pangya Hui believes that as long as the size of the supplier, the quality of the pressure storage tank is essentially guaranteed. With the upgrading of consumption structure, price is no longer the core competitiveness of enterprises, the pressure storage tank manufacturers in addition to working to improve the technical performance of products in foreign branding, channel price norms, enhance brand competitiveness requires more than the next effort. This competitiveness, it is necessary to recast the whole plant at the end, we must reverse shaping the industry pulling in the consumer end of the volume scale.

   (source: Journal of Micro Electric)

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