Scientific concept of drinking 3.0 or will lead to a revolut

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摘要:Jobs said, Wereheretoputadentintheuniverse.Otherwisewhyelseevenbehere? (To live is to change the world, Is there another reason?), This world, there are always some people become a pioneer, with innovative thinking patterns of subversion or

   Jobs said, "Wereheretoputadentintheuniverse.Otherwisewhyelseevenbehere?" (To live is to change the world, Is there another reason?), This world, there are always some people become a pioneer, with innovative thinking patterns of subversion or change the world .

   Apple triggered a revolution in user experience, brought almost the ultimate perfect feel for the countless consumers, and in the drinking water industry, a revolution with regard to drinking water are quietly.

   water industry is developing rapidly, consumption to increase, stimulate new demand

   and then to the popularity of bottled water from well water to tap water, the rapid development of China drinking water market, according to data display of food Forum 2015 bottled water market share in Chinas soft drink industry accounts for more than 50% of the total production of drinking water sales of 84 million tons, the industry annual sales income of 134.4 billion yuan. Other categories in the entire beverage industry fell environment, the bottled water market remains the growth rate up 7.6 percent.

   According to the Guangdong Provincial Association of bottled drinking water industry data showed that Chinas high-end consumer groups has been formed. In the context of the rapid development of the water industry, high-end water market has developed rapidly in recent years with the expansion rate of 80% per year over the next five years, high-end water market capacity will be no less than 10 billion yuan. Formation and expansion of population in high-end market, which gave birth to subdivide and diverse needs of the consumer market.

   science of drinking water era, the development of the industry become more rational

   in the drinking water industry has a very popular word, "Chinese water blind illiterate to be more than" Compared with developed countries, China the notion of drinking water is relatively backward, lack of scientific knowledge system is a common problem. Coupled with some companies within the industry take advantage of consumers seeking mental health, in order to profit starting packaging concepts, seriously mislead consumers.

   When an emerging market is to open up when the consumer point of view is often easiest to boot. Lack of consumer awareness is likely to cause the spread to follow suit and misunderstanding of the concept. But as the market matures, scientific attitude and rational cognition will gradually be popular.

   In fact, as early as December 24, 2014, on the National Health and Family Planning Commission issued a "foodProduct safety standard packaged drinking water "(GB19298-2014) (referred to as" the new national drinking water standard "), and the requirements of the standard since May 24, 2015 implementation, considering the production batch replacement time and other factors and labeling requirements standards for bottled water label, it can be formally implemented from January 1, 2016.

   the formal implementation of the new national standard, marking the conceptual label numerous drinking water industry will eventually be ended, development of the industry will gradually return to rational.

   volcanic Oriental 3.0 put forward the scientific concept of drinking water, an industry changer

   September 27, 2016, a company called Eco-Technology Co., Ltd., the company held a volcanic Oriental "open science drinking water 3.0 "the theme of communication media, events, on-site drinking water 3.0 times enterprise scientific concepts were explained.

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   Beijing public health director of the Institute Professor Li Fuxing drinking water (third from left), president of the Beijing Association of Health to protect the health of drinking Professional Committee Professor Zhao Feihong (from right), Chinese Center for Disease Control environment researcher Professor Limbo (second from right), peoples Daily "healthy Times" deputy editor Zhao Anping (left), Qiu million bridge volcanic Ming-chuen, chairman and CEO (third from right) volcano Oriental partner & Vice president, high championship (second from left)

   the development of the theory of bottled water is divided into three stages, from 1.0 times to safe water, healthy water 2.0 times, 3.0 times and then drinking water science, to show the Chinese bottled water market a clear development context.

   concept of scientific 3.0 of drinking water to help consumers establish a fundamental scientific understanding of the water, church CUTS reasonable choice according to their needs and water scenes. This concept is based on science and the consumer demand generated will bring a subversive revolution in China drinking water market.

   concept of this revolution, the industry had to change the original extensive market model to consumer demand-oriented market segmentation, in order to meet more diverse needs of different groups of difference. With the upgrading of Chinas concept of mass consumption, this will eventually lead to revolutionary science of drinking water industry trend of a subversive.

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