Water purifier can effectively filtheavy metal contaminants

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摘要:Lanzhou water benzene pollution incident, household water purifiers has become the focus of attention, the vast majority of consumers are concerned about the water purifier can effectively filter benzene, on the subject of water purificatio


Lanzhou water benzene pollution incident, household water purifiers has become the focus of attention, the vast majority of consumers are concerned about the water purifier can effectively filter benzene, on the subject of water purification resolve network in Lanzhou after the incident, the first time on this issue in detail answer; but in addition to organic pollutants such as benzene great harm to human health, there is a category of heavy metal pollutants. For example, as early as before the incident of heavy metal contamination of water sources in Guangxi cadmium pollution Kae, Guangdong Beijiang cadmium contamination occurred, also because of this, so the recent there are many consumers very concerned about the water purifier can filter heavy metals; then the water purifier can heavy metal contaminants can not filter it?


in our current common market water purifier types include four different types of reverse osmosis water purification, ultrafiltration water purifiers, water purifiers activated carbon, nanofiltration water purifiers, there are some machines will the two of them or a combination of several, "strengthen" its function. For example, ultrafiltration combined with activated carbon, and can be adsorbed and filtered, many granule and organic matter are disposed.


As early as in the Guangxi Kae cadmium pollution incident, the quality of Disease Prevention and Control Center of Hongkou District, Shanghai, four kinds of household water purifiers water purification function experimentally compared. The results showed that these four common household water purifiers water purification overall efficiency should be the best charcoal plus reverse osmosis, activated carbon only the worst, better than nanofiltration ultrafiltration.


Experimental results show that activated carbon is mainly organic matter removal have certain indicators, but with the increase of the flow capacity, the removal efficiency decreased. There ultrafiltration membrane water purifier to remove a significant effect on turbidity, bacteria, etc., but also have life. There nanofiltration water purifier for the removal of small molecules about 60% of the remaining indicators have high removal rate, supporting activated carbon and nanofiltration membranes have life, as with conventional activated carbon water purifier. Almost strong removal reverse osmosis membrane, pure water collectively output all the indicators are water, mineral content is very low, household water purifiers reverse osmosis membrane of certain heavy metals removal (the removal of arsenic Compliant of> 8%).


Reverse Osmosis Reverse osmosis water purification is a new technology from the beginning of the 1960s developed rapidly, which is in contact with the mixture of chemical substances through the semipermeable membrane, the static pressure gradient under the action, some of the water molecules and permeable to ionic species, and small molecules and other organic componentsSubstantially impermeable, to achieve the separation of substances. Reverse osmosis technology is currently in seawater and brackish water desalination applications is widespread, the proportion of the household water purifiers also increased year by year.


According to industry sources, the reverse osmosis membrane is the core of reverse osmosis water purifier, reverse osmosis membrane manufacturing process requirements are very strict, well-known domestic water purifier brand they use Saehan, both Dow imported brand reverse osmosis membrane, these composite membrane rejection rate can be stabilized at above 95%; such as the United States, Haier such well-known brands cross, mostly by the US Dow film; and Quan Lu, net of the spring this type of domestic specialty brands using Saehan film.


However, according to water purification resolve network is understood that the reverse osmosis water purifier filter accuracy of up to 0.0001UM, filtering out pollutants in water, it would also filter out trace elements beneficial to human body, it is not a reverse osmosis water purifier filter water not suitable for human drinking it?


In fact, as the daily drinking water, do not have too much focus on mineral water, trace elements whether deficiencies. Our daily eating vegetables, fruits and other foods, has been able to provide many beneficial minerals and vitamins for us, do not be supplemented by special drink mineral water.


Small advice, people have no need for undue alarm; if particularly high quality requirements, the choice of filter effect is very good reverse osmosis water purifier, it will certainly result in reduced part of minerals. "The key to how personal choices."

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