5G era of cloud-meter museum stationed in Shanghai Business

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摘要:December 18, cloud meters whole-house Internet appliances museum official stationed in Shanghai Changshou Road flagship mobile Office experience, and Sony, Garmin and other brands together to build a complete family of Things intelligent li

   December 18, cloud meters whole-house Internet appliances museum official stationed in Shanghai Changshou Road flagship mobile Office experience, and Sony, Garmin and other brands together to build a complete family of Things intelligent life scenes. Meanwhile, Changshou Road flagship experience hall transformed into an integrated communications business intelligence experience Chinas first museum 5GLAA network marks an important step in the popularization and application-level 5G network.


   the day coincides with China Mobile Shanghai 4G fifth anniversary of the opening of business, Changshou Road Shanghai Mobile will officially open flagship experience hall experience 5GLAA network service that allows from across the country mobile users truly feel the era of the Internet form 5G, 5G network to enjoy daily life convenient and efficient. Based 5GLAA gigabit optical broadband network and technical support, Changshou Road flagship gaming experience hall around the theme of culture and wisdom of home life, to provide users with multi-level scene experience.

   In the gaming culture, Shanghai Mobile jointly Razer, Gigabyte, Ningmei Guo of other well-known gaming equipment brand, as well as a perfect world and other world-class gaming providers, have to create the ultimate computing speed, the ultimate network speed and ultimate visual effects of gaming area, and undertake large-scale professional electric competition, the introduction of international electric competition live.


   At the same time, cloud-meter museum and the whole house Internet appliances, Sony PS4 entertainment hall and living room entertainment experience Garmin intelligent wearable living museum stationed gigabit optical network smart home experience zone where cloud-meter experience the museum displays a large screen 21Face Internet refrigerator, Internet washing machine, internet and kitchen smoke intelligent whole house water purification systems, smart appliances, plus mobile gigabit optical network, to create a whole-house scenes coverage of Internet appliances product matrix, multi-terminal cross-screen integration of smart, connected home life experience, to lay a solid foundation for a family of things layout 5G era.


   cloud meters whole-house Internet appliances was founded in May 2014, just four years that is successfully listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol " VIOT ", is the home field of the first things the US stock market listed company. November 26, announced a cloud meters after the first earnings from the market. Reported third quarter 2018, the cloud-meter performance achieved rapid growth, sales revenueThe reach 565 million yuan, an increase of 170.9 percent, the number of users more than 1.4 million households, intelligence experience stores across the country opened at about 1200 lines. This is the perfect product on the basis of cloud-meter layout, strengthen research and development efforts, continue to deep plowing channels on the market to produce the first brisk answer.


   cloud meters believes that the real things should be decentralized, users should not feel free to interact with the Internet smart home appliances and equipment, and should not be bound to a specific device or total control of the phone APP. Cloud meters starting from the family scene based on the idea to AI and IoT as the core technology to create whole-house Internet appliances matrix, to provide users with multi-screen multi-terminal integrated family of things to experience.

   in the kitchen, the user can view the screen of the refrigerator door 21Face visitors, the cleaning robot cleaning the whole house call; in the living room, the user can turn off the stove smoke cloud with a small V smart meters speaker, adjusting the temperature of the water heater; in the bathroom users can direct orders to buy shower gel, while brushing your teeth while watching the drama songs on a cloud-meter mirror; outdoors, the user can also adjust the refrigerator temperature through smart phones, intelligent remote control door lock ...... these family-based cloud meters scene of experience in product and service implementation, so that "the whole house appliances, smart and connected."

   as a whole-house Internet pioneer home appliances, and cloud-meter Shanghai Mobile in hand, is conducive to the popularity of home Things wisdom of life, the two sides will continue to tap the user needs, in the upcoming 5G era, for users to create truly Internet home.


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